Friday, 21 November 2008

Visit the Accidental Guru Blog

Paula Lawrence, one of the four friends in The Accidental Guru has just introduced herself on The Accidental Guru Blog.

All four will be popping in regularly to chat whilst we wait for the book's publication in the New Year so why not go over there now to catch up with the latest news?

The first chapter is available for free download right here and I'd love you to email me with your thoughts from the link in the pdf. The first free copies have already gone so what are you waiting for?

Speak soon,

Laura xx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Read the Accidental Guru for free

Rather than make you wait for the whole book I've now posted the first chapter of The Accidental Guru on Lulu.

To download the first chapter ABSOLUTELY FREE, go to

Join Judi, Aurora, Paula and Mel on a night out when Aurora is sharing her secrets of attractiveness for the over-forties. This can be summed up by the book's opening line of "Allure is a state of mind and not a state of undress...."

And that's only the start of it!

Why not download the chapter, share it with your friends and then email me with you comments - both good and bad? There's a email link in the download.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.Laura xx

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Accidental Guru

Judi, one of The Gang and the Accidental Guru herself, has just introduced herself on my other blog. Why not go there now to meet her and the other characters over the coming weeks.

Laura xx

Contraceptive Did You Know 3

Women's reproductive cycle and hormones were not fully understood until the 1920s when an Austrian researcher realised that adminstering natural hormones could be a way of preventing pregancy.

Sourcing the hormones was the problem however and, in order to produce a mere 50 milligrams of testosterone, a German biochemist was forced to process 25,000 litres of men’s urine taken from the Berlin police barracks.

Taken from Casanova's Condoms by Laura Essendine. Why not order now?

Laura Essendine

Please remember that these posts are only for fun. You must see a qualified health professional to obtain proper contraceptive advice.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Contraceptive Did You Know No 2

Juniper berries on the penis were thought to be a preventative. It’s to be assumed that the berries were crushed and rubbed in rather than just balanced on the end.

Coincidentally, juniper also adds flavour to gin and cures dropsy in sheep.

Please note: this post is for amusement only and should not be construed as contraceptive advice. Please see a registered health professional for this

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Contraceptive Did You Know? No 1

Weird and wonderful preparations have been used across the centuries in an attempt to prevent pregnancy. Surprisingly, modern research has found some that had a genuine scientific basis but others were no better than old wives tales. An even larger proportion were downright dangerous.

For example, early cocoa butter pessaries had boric acid and tannic acid as essential ingredients.

Boric acid is currently used as an antiseptic, insecticide, flame retardant and to control the fission rate of uranium in nuclear power plants. Pretty powerful stuff.

Tannic acid is similarly a weak acid once used as a treatment for strychnine poisoning. Today it's used in wood stains and gives tea its distinctive taste and colour. Soaking one's feet in tannic acid (or strong tea) can help prevent blisters.

Still want to try cocoa butter pessaries?

To find out more, buy Casanova's Condoms - the lighter side of contraception by Laura Essendine.

Please note: this post is for amusement only and should not be construed as contraceptive advice. Please see a registered health professional for this

Monday, 11 August 2008

Why not try some fiction too?

As well as the non-fiction in this blog, I thought you'd like to hear about my dedicated blog for a forthcoming work of fiction. will introduce you to the four best friends to be found in the novel of the same name, The Accidental Guru, coming to an online bookstore near you in the autumn. Meet the characters in advance of the book's release date.

And don't forget to download Casanova's Condoms at At only £2.50, it's full of fascinating (and hilarious) facts and well worth a read.

Even if I do say so myself! Speak soon,

Laura Essendine xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Casanova's Condoms by Laura Essendine NEW!

Whilst you wait for the novels to put in an appearance, I'm uploading a selection of short articles and e-books to LULU.

The first, Casanova's Condoms, is a light-hearted romp through the history of contraception from powdered crocodile dung to the invention of the condom. Find out what the Ancient Greeks kept in their bedside drawers. What did a Roman condom look like? How did the Egyptians stop themselves becoming mummies?

In this less than serious look at the history of birth control you'll find women crouching over pots of steaming onions, wooden diaphrams and the application of camel spit to unmentionable places. After reading this, you'll be soooo grateful for the invention of polyurethane.

Did you know that the most famous gynaecologist in history recommended jumping backwards to prevent conception. Or that Marie Stopes wrote her famous book, Married Love, whilst still a virgin? Or that Casanova called his condom his English Riding Coat?

Just some of the fascinating facts about contraception to be found in Casanova's Condoms. Click the link to order today.

WARNING - this book contains explicit, adult content and may not be suitable for all ages.